Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gotcha, GOTA!

When I saw this resort being featured on TV ages ago, I know I have to stay here.
The look & feel of their log cabin captured my heart. ^_^

our cabin
view from our cabin
We got ourselves the medium cabana.
It has 2 rooms - one with 2 beds, mini refrigerator, & TV; for those who want privacy, there's another room just for you but with just one bed.
inside our cabin

I find our T&B cute.
Love the window. You can look outside while you answer nature's call. lol!
swanky t&b
So comfy
my nook
The cabins are located to what they call Gota2.

Interestingly, Gota has a mudcrab fattening site. Sorry wasn't able to take a photo.
It becomes visible when low tide.

Cellular signals are until Caramoan town. In Paniman beach, only Smart is available.
However, we discovered there's an exception.
Gota has Globe signal. Oh yeah! You heard (read) me right. Hehehe!
Signal is strong on the elevated part of Gota. The cabanas beyond their Reception Area. ^_^

Let's go grab a bite!
Gota's restaurant

By the way, they do have Sabang port - Gota - Sabang port van for their guests for free.

The resort has some of the Survivor props.
Survivor props
 Photos at their reception area:

activities you can enjoy
Large Cabana 3,750 per night/ 5 pax
Medium Cabana 3,000 per night/ 4 pax
Small Cabana 2,500 per night / 1 pax

Gota Village Resort
Caramoan Island, Camarines Sur, PH
contact#: 0920-9650390

Caramoan mini travel guide
Gota Village Resort (you're here) 
Surviving Caramoan: Short Tour
Surviving Caramoan: Long Tour
Perfection that is Mayon
Food: Smalltalk Cafe
Food: 1st Colonial Grill
Wakeboarding? It must be in CWC!

CamSur Watersports Complex



  1. Nindota diri uy! :-)

  2. Mao jud, Khon.
    Lami kaau dad-on pauli. lol

  3. Oohhh! Would LOVE to stay here for a night or two as well! The rustic cabins look so homey.

  4. Hello Gay,
    You bet! I don't wanna leave actually. Feels like home.

    Thanks for dropping by.
    I'm one of your friendly lurkers. :D

  5. So, they named one of the Survivor: Caramoan tribes after a resort? Or is it really the name of the place?

  6. That Cebuano Kid, it's really the name of the resort.


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