Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wakeboarding? It must be in CWC!

I gotta try wakeboard. But I have this one requirement... it must be in CWC.
Really want to make this 1st - grand! :p

At first, I thought pro and beginner wakeboard area is just in one place.
Am thankful it's separate.
It would be a disaster if this greenhorn were to wakeboard with them. Hehehe! 
Wakeboard place for the pro while Winchpark is for the beginners
Pro's place is so huge. Some parts has platforms where you can do your exhibition\tricks.
The cables are machine operated.
It just goes round and round and round. If you fall, just wait for your cable to pass by so you could grab it. ^_^
Pro area
Winch park is designed for beginners like me.
The area is not huge plus the cable is man operated.
Winch park, where I belong.
Winch park
wakeboard for the pro
wakeboard for the newbie
my first!
I made it 3/4 through the area and then I fell.
We played till my arms are all but sore and tummy bloated with all the water I drank whenever I fell. ahihihi!

Kuya even let me try tandem wakeboard.
We used the board with no slipper on it. Just plain board.
Super galing!
He can do U-turns plus one-hand maneuver. Amazing!
tandem. All I did was shout. hehehe
My friends & I are so so so happy with the experience.
Thank you for taking good for us and making sure we enjoy wakeboarding!
Wakeboard crew
My body is sore all-over but very happy.
Wakeboarding is so addicting! 
a happy kid
Here are the rates:
Click to enlarge
CWC offers promos like an unlimited wakeboard + 2D1N accommodation for Php999/pax.
Watch out for those.

CWC is located outside Naga City.
It's a bit far from the city but don't you worry.

CWC has free shuttle service:
-CWC-SM City Naga-CWC
-CWC-Naga airport-CWC 

Check with their reception for the updated schedule.

Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur
Contact Number: (054) 477 3344 / (054) 477 3349
Fax Number:+63(54) 477-3347
Mobile number: +(63) 917 8954156 or +(63) 999 8893697

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Gota Village Resort
Wakeboarding? It must be in CWC! (you're here) 
CamSur Watersports Complex



  1. A lazy day turned productive 'cz I blogged. Ahihihi!

  2. Kachix ba sa outfit ni Chemai nagwakeboard :-)


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