Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Small talk, Big eat!

Do you think Smalltalk Cafe was named after the Smalltalk programming language? :)
Or maybe because the food are all so good, you'll have less chitchat time? :D
To say that my tummy was overjoyed in Bicol is an understatement. 

Smalltalk Cafe is our first stop and became our favorite. Food worth every penny thus this restaurant became our pocket's bff.
During our stay in Legazpi, we always go to Smalltalk for lunch. :)

Smalltalk's interior
Photos of old Legazpi

Now Sto Domingo Church
is a spicy coconut milk based Filipino pork dish.
One of the region's popular dish. Named after the train that leaves from Manila to Bicol region.

Original version tastes different from the ones I had before
This one is more rich, flavorful, & oh! so yummy.
Bicol Express 
@ Php 50
With Bicol express, they created another dish with it.
Bicol Express Pasta
@ Php 105

The spiciness of Bicol Express on the pasta gives it an interestingly yummy twist.
Oh my! What to do? I'm craving for one & I'm oceans away from Bicol. tsktsk.

is made from dried taro or gabi leaves and coconut milk.

Did you know that the way Laing is being wrapped has meaning?
Horizontal wrap - not spicy
Horizontal+vertical - spicy
Laing / Pinangat 
@ Php 50
Other dish with Laing.
You'll never imagine adding laing to your pasta/pizza will taste so good.
Not the usual for your taste buds but definitely yummy.

Pasta Pinangat
@ Php 110
Bicolana Pizza
@ Php 225

There are a lot of other food to choose from:
Pili-Basil Pasta
@ Php 120

Beef salpicao with Bicol Express side dish
@ Php 205

are abundant in Bicol & Samar.
Because of that, they have:
Pili Pie
@ Php 50

Somewhere in Jollibee-Legazpi, stop at an Evangelical church near it. Take the road beside that church. From the main road, you can see the cafe.

#51 Doña Aurora St, Legazpi City, Philippines
+63 52 480 1393

Perfection that is Mayon 
Food: Smalltalk Cafe (you're here)
Food: 1st Colonial Grill
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  1. I want pinangat... and I wanna try everything you have posted here!

  2. my stomach is chanting "Bicol express! "Bicol express!"


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