Sunday, February 17, 2013

V-Date with migas&migo in Miga Restaurant

I also went on a date Valentine's Day.
A date with friends.

Photo credit: Ayin

I wonder why when it's Valentine's day traffic is terrible plus pujs and cabs are all full.
Do all people go out on that day? Tell me. :p

Armed with just our limited budget and grumbling tummy, off we walked to where the restaurant is.
No reservations.
We forgot most of the restaurants are full. Walk-in is really not a good idea.
Good thing we arrived just in time a table got available because of a cancelled reservation.

Miga Restaurant is a Korean restaurant just 3 blocks away from where I work.
Beside Ayer's lechon just opposite USP.

You can choose either to sit the Korean way or the usual standard table.
There are additional tables at the 2nd floor, too.
Photo credit: Ayin
Standard table

Left side is the standard table. Right is Korean-way.

There are a lot of food to choose from but we're so focused on having that unlimited samgyupsal!


Our mouth and tummies are so excited to be stuffed. Hehe!

Unlimited samgyupsal for Php 300/pax.

This comes with unlimited rice, miso soup, and side dish like kimchi, string beans, & sweet potato.
What's weird though is their sweet potato cooked similar to camote cue, and their beans like our viand - ginisang batong.

The restaurant was super busy. Customers are calling out for a refill, I think every minute.

Can you believe we finished 8 servings of samgyupsal.
That's 2 servings per pax. Haha!
Talking about gluttony. :p
Feels like I ate a week's worth of pork that night.

To wash off a bit of cholesterol, we paired it with soju.
It was a great night.
Photo credit: Ayin

I did enjoy my date.
How about you? How did you celebrate V-day?

Miga Restaurant
Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City
Tel # 238-3675


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