Friday, March 01, 2013

Caramoan mini travel guide

1. Plan your trip well.
Because of Survivor shoot, many were disappointed because they can't go to the islands they wish to visit.

As stated in my Surviving Caramoan: Long Tour post:
Be mindful of these months when planning your Caramoan trip:
Jan- Feb = preparation month. Travel is still permitted.
Mar-May = 1 season filming
June-Aug = another season

The place becomes available again comes September.
There are times though a Special episode is to be filmed.
The estimate above was according to the locals.
It may or may not change.
Sunrise at Paniman Beach
Good morning, Paniman!

2. Stay in Paniman Beach & not in Caramoan town so you need not get trike everytime you go island hop.
     * Caramoan town to Paniman - Php 150/way

Savings plus less travel time means more R&R/exploration time.

3. Homestay
There are a lot of houses available. On our last day in Caramoan, we did that.
Kuya Ramil's house
Paniman Beach, Caramoan
Php 200/pax/night
You can even ask them to cook for you. They are so accommodating. The place is clean.
Concrete house. Fan room with own t&b.
Sorry I got no photo. Booo! 

3. Camping on one of the islets is allowed when the weather is fine.
We weren't able to do that as it was raining days before we went there.

4. Cellular signal is only strong in Caramoan town. 
Paniman beach got Smart Telecoms.
Gota Village resort has Globe signal.
Sabang - Guijalo - Sabang boat
Getting there from Naga City:
[van:1.5hr] SM City Naga -> Sabang port - Php 100
[boat: 2hrs] Sabang port -> Guijalo port - Php 120

boat schedule
     ** [arriving @Guijalo port] Caramoan environmental fee - Php 30     
     ** [departing Guijalo port] terminal fee - Php 5.00

[trike: 30/45mins] Guijalo port -> Caramoan town/Paniman beach - Php 150/250

Batanes-like view

Gota Village Resort
Lakwatseradeprimera's blog on other accommodations

Caramoan mini travel guide (you're here)
Surviving Caramoan: Short Tour
Surviving Caramoan: Long Tour
Gota Village Resort 
Perfection that is Mayon
Food: Smalltalk Cafe
Food: 1st Colonial Grill
Wakeboarding? It must be in CWC!

CamSur Watersports Complex


  1. Thanks for this helpful guide! I hope to go to Caramoan soon...

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