Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Surviving Caramoan: Short Tour

Caramoan, CamSur is a combination of EL NIDO for its limestone karsts + BORACAY for its fine white sand. Only not crowded and unexploited. 

This place came to fame after being chosen as the location for  Koh-Lanta's (Survivor in France) 8th season (2008).
And, of course, the rest is history.

Caramoan is the location for the following SURVIVOR franchise:
- France                     - Israel
- Bulgaria                  - India
- Netherlands             - Poland
- Denmark                 - Serbia
- USA (latest)

Composed of islets near the mainland.

Composed of 2 islets connected by a sandbar.

Named Lahos as you can see both sides of the islet.
As for the waves, one side is rough while the other is calm.

LAHOS Island

Secret Lagoon
The only way to reach Matukad's Secret Lagoon is to climb the limestone karst.
Be extra careful though. One wrong move & you'll have more than just a scratch.
Left photo by Chemai

We reminisced our similar climb in El Nido's Taraw. Only it was higher & more dangerous.

According to the locals, there once lived 2 big milkfish in the lagoon. Those 2 are deemed as sacred. But  years ago, one fisherman took one. As a result, one of his family members met an unfortunate event.
lonely milkfish
view at the peak

 opposite Gota beach

Adjacent to Gota cove & is still owned by Gota Village Resort.
Some of the villas are in this area.

We freely roam the place as we are guests of the resort.

Aerial view. Photo by Gota Village Resort
Gota Villas
 The beach is somewhat messy because of the waves carrying some seaweeds/plants to the shore.

This is where Gota Village Resort is located.
I always wanted to stay here.
It looks so nice in the net.

And true enough, we love it.
Being so serene is its plus factor.
The cabanas are so nice too.
Will blog on it next. ^_^

Gota's docking area
Aerial view. Photo by Gota Village Resort.

 Beyond this sort-of-a-park is the beach.
Our group decided to forgo some of the islets as they just look almost the same.

Boat tour contact:
Kuya Ramil
Short tour : Php 1,500

Caramoan mini travel guide
Surviving Caramoan: Short Tour (you're here)
Surviving Caramoan: Long Tour
Gota Village Resort
Perfection that is Mayon 
Food: Smalltalk Cafe
Food: 1st Colonial Grill
Wakeboarding? It must be in CWC!

CamSur Watersports Complex



  1. Wow Bee. You're on a roll too! :) I've never been to Caramoan. But it has always been on my list. I hope I can visit it soon, or before the tourist hordes pour in.

  2. Got a whole lot of blog backlogs, Bren. hahaha!
    Go go go, CamSur! ^_^

  3. whatta what!!! :) nice place Bee. Your posts always inspire me to save for travel... padayon sa imong gbati! wooot wooot!

  4. hahah! gibating ng-uros2x. lol!
    Salamat, Kuya. Tara lets npud ta soon. :D


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