Monday, December 15, 2008


December 13-14
San Fernando, Cebu

My office friends went straight to Hidden Paradise Resort after spending the night at Mt. View Resort. This is our year-end bonding. We'll soon be having our vacations for the Holidays.

We brought some of the untouched food from last night's party. Yum.. yum..

Upon arriving, we rested a bit since we partied the previous night away.
Strolled the place as this is my first time there. Took photos, as usual.
During the evening, we had drinks while the resort had their Saturday disco.

As usual, we had a blast!
Being around these people always bring me happiness. One of the best buddies I have.

ACS Christmas Party 2008

December 12
The Barn, Mt View Resort

The Barn

City lights at night ; Sunrise

Our ACS family had our annual Christmas Party. We had loads of fun - games, raffle, manito/manita, and "Ang Ganda ng Pare ko" beauty pageant. :p
Lechon ; some of our food
Vampire Goddess (my award. hehe!)
Vladi - winner of "Ang Ganda ng Pare ko" Pageant
After the party, some of us stayed to continue having fun. We danced and sang our hearts out till morning. :)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

MMTI bonding

December 10, 2008
TGI Friday's - The Terraces

Last night I had dinner with my Makoto friends. I miss them much. My first time seeing Myla preggers. Congrats, My. Pwera-buyag you only look preggers because of your tummy but the face and body, mkailad jud... Ina Raymundo-type diay ka. hehe!

Thank you for the time. It's an impromptu dinner.

To An-An, Mare Lams, and Angie, hope to see you soon. It would have been more fun if you were able to make it.
Merry Christmas everybody!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Wild Wild West Party

Me and Ninaflor

December 6, 2008
City Sports Club
Cebu Business Park, Cebu City

The company I am working with had our annual Christmas party last Saturday.
The place is nice and the food is yummy!
Lots of prices were given away. There were contests - dance, Christmas ball, etc.
I love seeing my officemates wear their Wild Wild West costumes.
We had so much fun.
Thank you!
Me with the cowboys ; The bandits
Danced after the party
Goofing around. tired dancing ; with some of our officemates in the stage
After our corporate Christmas party, we had an after-party at One Acacia Place.
Listened to the band playing acoustic music.
One of the bands playing ; my friends grooving :p
Us having more fun at the One Acacia Place
You think we had already enough after this? You're wrong.
We headed out to Gmikada-Paseo for more fun. Videoke this time.
Aljohn pretended to sleep while Ronil was singing his heart out. :p

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