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Surviving Caramoan: Long Tour

What is the opposite of short? Of course, it's long!
Lame joke. hehe.
Dubbed as "long" tour because you'll be visiting islands an hour or 2 away from the mainland.
These are the places used often by Survivor.

excited us

1. COTIVAS Island

As seen above :)
Cotivas aerial view. Photo by: Gota Village Resort
We were blessed with a good weather.
No need to rush. Stay-all-we-want.

Cottages for rent - Php 50.

There's another sandbar before this actually which I forgot the name. hehehe.
The cottages below are for rent - Php 200.

As it was low tide, of course, the water is so shallow that you need to walk a little bit farther if you really want to swim.As for me, I just contented myself with what water I had near me.


We tried to climb one spot here.

and here I am!
Photo by: Chemai
So you know, the other side of this island is also reachable.
You only need to walk a bit.
The trail is so easy to follow.

Here we waited for sunset & turns out it will be blocked by a small hill. Boo!

If you watch Survivor, this area is one of the places they lived/played games.

Sunset on our way back to the mainland

I heard that long tours are the ones greatly affected when there's a Survivor shoot.
No long tours will be allowed when that happens. Tight security around the premises are being implemented.
Don't think about defying them as you & your boatman will be in trouble.
Security will really chase you.

Be mindful of these months when planning your Caramoan trip:
Jan- Feb = preparation month. Travel is still permitted.
Mar-May = 1 season filming
June-Aug = another season

The place becomes available again comes September.
There are times though a Special episode is to be filmed.
The estimate above was according to the locals.
It may or may not change.

Best time to visit Caramoan is when no scheduled Survivor filming.
You can visit as many islands as you can & stay all you want as long as weather & your time permits.

Other places to visit:
Umang cave
Our Lady of Peace grotto

Boat tour contact:
Kuya Ramil
Long tour : Php 2,500
Short+Long tour : Php 3,000

Caramoan mini travel guide 
Surviving Caramoan: Short Tour
Surviving Caramoan: Long Tour (you're here)
Gota Village Resort
Perfection that is Mayon
Food: Smalltalk Cafe
Food: 1st Colonial Grill

Wakeboarding? It must be in CWC!

CamSur Watersports Complex

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