Saturday, November 15, 2014

Banpo Grand Bridge: World's longest bridge fountain

Banpo Grand Bridge is famous as it is a Guinness World Record holder for its Moonlight Rainbow Fountain. It is the longest bridge fountain in the world which measures 1,140 metres (3,740 ft 1 in).
Running along the length of the bridge are 380 nozzles that send 54 tonnes (60 tons) of water cascading 43 m (140 ft) horizontally and 20 m (65 ft) down into the river every minute. In the evening, LED lights illuminate the water spray, which “dances” in time to 100 different pieces of music. - Source: Guinness
Aerial view
As you can see, it is a double-deck bridge which is a first in Korea.
Banpo bridge is the upper part while the lower part is Jamsu Bridge.
Those are over Hangang/Han River and connects districts - Seocho & Yongsan.

P & I watched the fountain show at the Banpo Hangang Park.
The fountain dances to a song while changing colors. Very beautiful. 
I dunno why but fountain shows makes me very happy.

During my 2012 visit (with superfriends), we cancelled this one due to time constraints.

You can also have a different view of this fountain show if you'll take the Han River cruise. I saw 2 when we were there.

When watching, please bundle up as it tends to be so cold there. Ours was even freezing.

Keep in mind that the show is not available all-year round.


Operating hours are subject to change.
Check (Korean).

via Subway
1) Dongjak Station (Seoul Subway Line 4), Exit 1 or 2.
Go down the staircase and head to the river. Then, turn right and continue walking along the river bank.
You will pass Dongjak Bridge before reaching Banpo Bridge. The distance is about 1.5km away and a slow walk should take about 30 minutes. Source: kenwooi

2) Express Bus Terminal Station (Seoul Subway Line 3,7 or 9), Exit 8-1.
Go straight for 250m, and turn right at the Express Bus Terminal 4-way intersection.
Continue going straight for 400m and cross the street at the crosswalk.
Go straight through the underpass to arrive at the park. Source: visitkorea

via Bus
Take Bus 405 or 8340 and get off at Banpo Hangang Park.

We followed instruction subway.2 ^_^

Visa: Japan
Visa: South Korea
South Korea: SEOUL

South Korea: BUSAN 

South Korea: JEJU
Japan: OSAKA
Japan: KYOTO


  1. Nice Bee! Wala gihapon mi ka adto kay wala may sched pag November (according to the website)... and na amaze sad ko sa double deck bridge (pero sa Busan ko nakakita ug double deck bridge)!

    1. Balik2x lng ta SoKor, Khon ky adik kau ta dd2 nga lugar. Hihihi


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