Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Peanutty September

The reason why the Laagholic Buyog wasn't able to travel much this year. :D
After my photo safari in Batanes & a river cruise in Aloguinsan, only did foodtrips after.

My husband & I didn't expect God will bless us right away with Peanut (our baby girl) after getting married October last year.
It was in December during my stint in Dubai. Must be the cold weather huh. Hehehe.
We have to cancel our scheduled trip somewhere in Asia last August because I am no longer allowed to travel. Byers, tickets! :p

I am on my 39th week now.
Please pray for my safe delivery.

Thank you Khonie for the dress and Kuya Rex for this photo. ^_^


  1. Very nice photo Bee! I am so excited to see Peanut :))

    1. Thank you, Khon.
      Nagkita na jd mo sa imong future kinugos. Salamat sa gifts and pgvisit sa hospital. Mwah!

  2. A future traveller peanut will be on earth soon , have a safe delivery soon

    1. Thank you!
      Peanut was delivered safely. Thank God.
      Lumabas na ang future traveller & triathlete. Whehehe

  3. Congratulations Bee and Paul! :)
    Bugnaw na pud sa Dubai karon ba.... Balik na pd ka Bee? hehehe.

  4. Before we knew naa si Peanut, I am supposed to spend the holidays this year in Dxb npud unta, Bren.
    Now naa si Peanut, di nlng cz dili na magukod iyang papers ug too young to travel pa pd xa. Next year puhon nlng guro kaluy-an. :)


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