Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bookstore Alley in Bosu-dong

This place may look ordinary but it played a role in Korea's history.
With me loving historic places +  a love affair with books, I have to check this place out.

A brief history of this alley:
" The bookstore alley in Bosu-dong was started by a refugee couple from Hamgyeongbuk-do. They started by selling used magazines here when Busan City became the temporary capital city of Korea with the outbreak of the Korean War on June 25, 1950. Starting with Bomun Book Store (currently the Geulbang Shimteo), there were more than 70 bookstores here by the 1970s." Source: marker at the alley

It was said that many people transferred to Busan after the war.
The number of students needing books increased, of course.
Being war's victim, people had financial problems and buying new books was kind of difficult.
This alley became the students' haven.

middle photo: all English books

Tons of secondhand/preloved books are being sold here.
Mangas are everywhere by sets. Whew! If only I can read & understand Korean.
There are also a lot of English books.
part of the English book pile
Initially planned to buy there but I realized my husband & I will still continue our honeymoon trip to Japan.
We don't want to add more to our growing luggage. Hehehe!
Just contented myself browsing through them.

We are a bit early when we visited. Some shops are still close. Some just opened.
I enjoyed the artworks on the roll-up doors though.
roll-up door artworks

I hope Korea will still keep this alley even if they already very progressive.

Don't worry if it gets cold or you just need to sit and enjoy a book.
There are quite a few coffee shops around.
We had to take refuge in one of them when the temperature dropped. Brrrrr.

#59, 60, 81 - get off at Bupyeong-dong or Bosu-dong.

Get off Jalgachi station exit 3

Visa: Japan
Visa: South Korea
South Korea: SEOUL
South Korea: BUSAN 
     Book Alley in Bosu-dong (this page)
(near Busan) 
     Gyeongju: Bulguksa Temple 
South Korea: JEJU
Japan: OSAKA
Japan: KYOTO


  1. Ganahan unta ko mo adto ani...maayo nalang wa ko ni adto kay basin makahoard ko ug libro hahahah

    1. Daghan nindot, Khon aside sa novels. If Busan were our last stop, palit jd ko.
      Mao ikaw hoard jd ang ending. Additional 1 bag for the books. ^_^

    2. Mao gyud! Barato ra ba ila books? Kung makabalik ko ug Busan, magdala ko one empty maleta para sa libro hahahahahahahah

    3. Sakto jd na. 1maleta at least. :)
      Wa ko ask ky basin matintal lang jd ko.


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