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Bulguksa Temple (Temple of the Buddha Land)

Bulguksa Temple was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List together with the Seokguram Grotto in 1995.
The temple's records state that a small temple was built on this site under King Beopheung in 528. The Samguk Yusa records that the current temple was constructed under King Gyeongdeok in 751, begun by Prime Minister Kim Daeseong to pacify the spirits of his parents. The building was completed in 774 by the Silla royal court, after Gim's death, and given its current name Bulguksa (Temple of the Buddha Land).(Source)

The temple has 2 pagodas which they considered unusual:
Seokgatap (Sakyamuni Pagoda) 

the three-story pagoda which stands at 8.2 meters.
It is a traditional Korean-style stone pagoda with simple lines and minimal detailing. Seokgatap is over 13 centuries old.  

Seokgatap restoration

When we visited, Seokgatap was not available. UNESCO is doing the restoration.

Dabotap (Many Treasure Pagoda) 
is 10.4 meters tall and dedicated to the Many Treasures Buddha mentioned in the Lotus Sutra. 


Admission fee: 4,000 won
Open year round

385, Bulguk-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 경주시 불국로 385 (진현동)

* go to Busan Central Bus terminal
get off at Nopo-dong station (line 1) of the Metro Line. The station is connected to the bus terminal

* take Gyeongju bound bus
fare: 4,600 won. travel time: approx 1 hour
buy ticket at the station. bus leaves at 30-40min interval. Earliest at 8:30am.

* at Gyeongju Bus terminal, cross road to the opposite bus stop.

* take bus #10 or #11 for Bulguksa temple
fare: 1,800 won. travel time: 30 mins

* get off at the last station located at the temple's park area. 
Usually everyone gets off there.
Hike to the temple.

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Visa: South Korea
South Korea: SEOUL
South Korea: BUSAN 

(near Busan) Gyeongju : Bulguksa Temple (this page)
South Korea: JEJU
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