Thursday, May 09, 2013

Finding Roof in CORONation

Here are some of the places the Bee tried staying in Coron.


Free wifi

Walkable from town center.
Around 10-15 minutes.
It's a 3-floor house.
2nd floor has 2 big rooms.

Bridge linking the restaurant & 2nd floor

Be sure to choose the one on the right side like we did.

It has its own living room.

The living room itself is "sleepable". hehehe

Php 1,500/night
6 adults 3 children

The room has 2 double beds + 1 single bed.
Toilet is at the left side.


If you want spacious & more comfortable & doesn't mind a 7-min trike ride to the town, then this place is for you.

Yeah. 7mins 'cause I timed it. :p
Beside it is a school.

more accommodations outside.

We got the one with 2 double beds.
Our room was located at the ground floor of the house.
Php 1,700 w/c includes our extra mattress. 
4 adults 3 children
That's my super doper kulit godchild by the way. :D

Ground floor has 3 rooms & 2 common toilets.

I like this place more though it has a downside.
Not so good mobile signal in our room.

By the way, they do have a kitchen.
You can either cook your own food or have them cook for you for a minimum fee.

ph: +63 908 583 2294 Gigi
alt: +63 918 513 1365 , 0915 7166435, 09399186878 Jingjing

This place is so homey.
I super love their attic.
Plus the people here go an extra mile to make you feel more comfortable.
Ate Gigi made it sure we enjoyed our stay plus she even helped us with our Culion trip.
Thanks, Ate!

Php 1,800 /night
We got the room with an attic in it.
stairs to the attic
The attic has 2 mattresses:
mattress #1
mattress #2
Too bad I didn't have a photo of the place outside.
With regards to food, you can ask them cook for you. 
You want to be one with nature?
This place is for you. 
Surrounded with tress & away from the crowd & noise.

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  1. Gran vista! I love our little house hahahaha

    Nice sad na ang uban nimo gistayhan Bee. Tagpila didto?

  2. I know! We are in love with our little house in Gran vista we don't wanna leave. lol!

    Will have to ask for our 2013 accom. Went there for free baya. hehhe

  3. Updated the Khon with the room rates. ^_^


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