Saturday, April 20, 2013

CORONation: The Island Loop Tour

This island loop tour is a must.
It is in this tour you'll get to see the place where Coron's trademark photo was taken.
Signature view as seen from the mountain where Kayangan Lake is.
By the way, ask your hotel/boatman if you need to get the entrance ticket to the sites in advance.

No. This is not Kayangan Lake yet... just the docking area.
You need to climb numerous steps to get there.
anchor down
Tagbanuas live & manage this site.
one of the houses in the area
I've seen a Kayangan One Fee System tarp at the entrance.
click to enlarge

There's a small natural pond here.
Look how clear the water is.
Here it doesn't even look there's water.
The climbing begins. 
And at the peak, there's a must-stopover at the cave's entrance.
This is where you can take the Coron trademark photo (as shown in photo#1).
After taking tons of photos, you'll trek down for....

Kayangan Lake entrance : Php 200
Dubbed as the cleanest lake in the Philippines
there are a lot of small fish in the lake
up close

This is a protected area. Fishing is not allowed.
There are a lot of fish here. whew! 
Pinakamarami in my entire snorkeling experience so far.
Admission fee: Php 100

Fish might have thought I'm food.
Look! I have lots of fish bites.

The water here is brackish - salt water meets fresh water.
Entrance fee: Php 100
You need to pass thru the hole to get to the other side.

Entrance fee: Php 100

Our boatman is also a college student.
Right after we finished our boat tour, he went to school right away. 
May all your dreams come true.

Choose your own beach for lunch.
We had this place to ourselves
Coron island loop tour: Php 1,500/pax
includes lunch, lifevest, snorkel, etc.

You can also just rent a boat for your group.

There are other places to visit aside from the one I listed here.
Twin Peaks Reef
CYC Beach
Atuwayan Beach
Banol Beach
Calachuchi Coral Eden
Isla Bulugan Beach
Banana beach
Malaroyroy beach

Calamianes Adventure: 
Coron Town
Calauit Safari Tour 
Coron island loop tour (you're here) 
Coron accommodation
Culion island (coming soon)


  1. beautiful photos! Coron simply is stunning!

  2. Yes, Jo-Ann. This place is stunningly beautiful.

  3. wow ang ganda talga ng coron kainggit ang lugar na ito :)

    1. Indeed nkakainggit ang mga taong nkatira dito.
      Anytime they can hit the beach or go to those beautiful places. ^_^


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