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CALAUIT: A Slice of Africa

Visiting our very own Calauit Safari Park is close to being in Kruger National Park.
Oh yeah! Going to Kruger is too far-fetched for me. 
But who knows unsay sulod sa hunos? :D
I've been to Coron twice & in both times, I also did visit Calauit.

Once, under the Office of the President as "Calauit Game Preserve & Wildlife Sanctuary".

Then later, turned over to LGU with its new name "Calauit Safari Park".
The park was created in 1976 as Philippines' response in saving the diminishing number of animals in Kenya.
It is said that the giraffe and zebra you see here now are the 3rd generation.

METHOD #1: via land trip (2009)
My friend Khonie & I were so driven to go there.
Even if it's just the 2 of us, we rented the whole van (capacity:8-10 pax) to ourselves.

Crossed via outrigger boat to Calauit island.
Probably just 3-45mins.
Busuanga mainland to Calauit island
We arrived in the park way too early.
Calauit island port
Fancied this thing on the shore.
The people in the park told us those are mangrove flowers.
Hmmmm.. I never thought mangroves have flowers, too.

Meet & greet with the animals starts now!
our ride
Animals roam the whole island freely.
Go to the shoreline, hills, everywhere!
vast area
Count how many Calamian deer are there.

Calamian deer
is an endangered specie of deer found only in the Calamian Islands of Palawan province of the Philippines. It is one of three species of deer native to the Philippines, the other being the Philippine sambar and Visayan spotted deer. (source: wiki)
also known as the Hog deer because when fleeing from danger it dashes through underbrush with its head down like a hog instead of jumping over barriers like other deer. (source:
 Zebra and more more zebra!
FACT: Their stripes are like fingerprints to human. No 2 sets are the same
Are you tired, Zebra?

so so so so beautiful!
Oh boy! You're indeed so tall.
If only you could give me few inches to add to my height, you know.
When I grow up, I want to be as tall as you are. ^__^
 Giraffe spread their long legs to get something in the ground.

Giraffe and zebra can stand each other.
minding their own business
Some of the other animals in the park:
Our hearts are so happy but our pockets cried a river.

Php 5,500 - van - Coron-mainland stopover to Calauit v.v.
          400 - bangka - mainland-Calauit v.v.
       1,000 - safari truck - transpo around the island
** divide those by 2. Plus...
          250/pax - entrance fee
TOTAL: Php 3,700 each for both of us

This method won't hurt that much when you're in group.
For the van, you can ask any airport vans or from your hotel/resort.
There's no problem with the boats for crossing too.

METHOD #2: via boat (2013)
It is quite the reverse though.
This time there were 6 of us but we took the method advisable even for solo traveler. ^__^
Bundle up for this tour.
Imagine this: you're traveling on a boat at 3am. :D
tour boat

They gave us hot chocolate/coffee to warm ourselves.
Had breakfast in the boat, too.
I must have been so hungry that I forgot to take a photo. :p
Had boiled egg, rice, hotdogs, & banana.

We rode this truck for the Calauit tour.

Unlike before, our guide didn't allow us to go down to feed the giraffe.
It is for safety reasons.
Oh! You don't want to be kicked by a giraffe. 

Reunited and it feels so good.

Kiss me quick before somebody sees us.

beautiful creature
My godchild feeding the deer with just a leaf. Hahaha!

Heading to Dibutunay island for lunch.
Beach bummin' after lunch
yummy lunch - grilled fish, squid, chicken, lato, mangoes

We were supposed to go TO Black Island but it's lowtide.
The boat might hit some rocks and there's a shipwreck here that's shallow. 

This is place has the most beautiful & widest array of corals.  whew!
I feel so bad my underwater camera retired early this year. Grrr!

This is a shipwreck of a Japanese gunboat.
Find this place creepy. hahahah!

Method 2 is hassle free.
You'll get to visit some other places.
Tour crew took good care of us.
I recommend them.

Php 150 - snorkel rent
Php 2,500/pax - Calauit Safari with Reef & Wreck Tour
includes breakfast, lunch, and the side trip.


--- Both methods has 3:00am call time.
Oh yes! The place is quite far so one really needs to leave super early to be able to arrive in Calauit by 7am.

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  1. I heard from Khonie na gipiyungan na lang ninyo ang method 1. hehehe. The crazy things we do when we travel. ;) But every penny was worth it, in retrospect, right?


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