Friday, April 19, 2013

Till we meet again & again, CORONation!

When you're in the Visayas, sometimes getting to some parts in the Philippines takes an extra effort.

But as time goes by & as airlines expand their routes, getting around gets better.

I haven't blogged about the first time I went to Coron. tsktsk!
2009 - Cebu-Manila-Busuanga (no direct flight from Cebu yet)
2013 - Cebu-Busuanga

Busuanga airport is the entry point to Coron town.
Php 150/pax - van - airport to Coron town (30-45mins)
There are a lot of vans at the airport compound. 
No need to worry if you forgot ask your hotel/resort to fetch you.

Most of the fun is on the islets near Coron town. 
You need to go island hop to see those beautiful beaches.

Coron town is the largest town in the island of Busuanga which is part of the Calamianes group of islands.

Enjoy your downtime. Take a stroll at the plaza. Enjoy the sea breeze.
The plaza is located at their reclamation area.
as seen from Mt Tapyas
Found this kid enjoying his ice cream.
Flavor of the road ice cream ^__^
Ice cream time ^_^
There's a zipline beside this floating restaurant.
floating restaurant
I don't know the rates 'cause we haven't tried it.

Seafoods are cheap here.
This fish particularly is just Php70/kl. We grilled it.
They also do have wide variety of dried fish, squid, etc. So yummy!
What we love particularly is the marinated danggit for breakfast. nom nom nom.

Coron's marinated danggit
Fresh veggies + fresh seafood = super big appetite!
We all gained weight after this vacation.

Freshness guaranteed.
Right after they catch it, it goes directly to their market.
market's own docking area
big & small lato

Khonie & I decided to drop by. We got attracted to this tree. 
It would have been more fun if we were able to go up the tree house.
Php 8/pax - trike fare from town

We need exercise after all the yummy food we ate.
Gotta burn those calories away.
To reach the top, you must climb 724 steps.
a cable car/zipline is very much appreciated. :p
Do it late in the afternoon. Just in time for sunset. Don't worry if it's too many steps. You can just climb those leisurely. 
My friend even has to do it carrying her toddler. ^_^

Coron town as viewed from Mt Tapyas
Maskuladas :D

To soothe those tired muscles, the best remedy for this is...


Believe it or not, it is a natural salty hot spring. It is said to be the only known salty hot spring in Asia.
3 pools. #3 being the hottest
The temp is not the usual in hot springs. It is a bit hotter actually. I don't think it is advisable for toddlers. 
#3 in prev photo. The hottest.
This is the hottest part. 
No. Not because of those men. It is literally hot. ^__^  

Entrance fee (non-Coron residents) - Php 150. 
The place is well-maintained and has nice toilets/shower rooms.

You can hire a trike to take you to Mt. Tapyas & Maquinit for Php300.
Mind that the hot spring is far from the town.  

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  1. Very nice, looking forward to your next blogging Adventure :)

  2. Thank you for dropping by, Happy Traveller! ^__^

  3. Oh my gulay! Namiss ko bigla ang lato at danggit :(

  4. Dalawa na tayo, Gay.
    Nagutom nga ako kahit kakakain ko lang while doing the blog. Huhuhu!

  5. Yeah, lami gyud ilang marinated danggit!! Haha I was trying to write about Coron today... and as usual, one post takes me days to finish hahah!

  6. This is the hottest part.
    No. Not because of those men. It is literally hot. ^__^ <--- HAHAHAH :))

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  8. I miss danggit lamayo!!!
    Welcome to the delayed-blogging-club Bee! :)

  9. Baktin, it's normal to me.
    I don't blog right after the trip. Super busy na after the laag. hehehe


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