Saturday, June 28, 2014

Torta og Uban Pa sa Catmon

 Another reason to drop by the town of Catmon in Cebu is for Torta Ug Uban Pa goodies.

When you are craving for torta but is in somewhere north, then go visit them.
Their version of torta is not greasy compared to Argao's.
Actually, their version is kind of a hybrid of torta+mamon.
per piece - Php 14
box of 6 - Php 80
box of 12 - Php 150
box of 24 - Php 275
As their name signifies, they offer more than just torta.
Too bad when we visited their shop, it was near closing time.
Only little left.

I get to taste all of them.
Their torta, revel bar, & chiffon cupcake tops my list.

Their shop is on the right side of the road (when you'e from the city).
Opposite Community Rural Bank of Catmon (Cebu), Inc.

Don't worry if you're in the city but wants to order.
Annelise, the owner, does meet-ups.

Received naughty cupcakes from my Maids of Horror.
Made by Annelise. Heheh

Also, Torta og Uban Pa is one of my wedding suppliers. 
She did my dessert bar. Yummy & beautifully done. :)
 She also does cakes for any occassion. :)

679 National Road, Catmon Cebu
Mon - Sun: 8:30 am - 5:30 pm


  1. hello bee!! thank you so much for dropping by our store and writing about your experience!! :D i really really appreciate also how you included the cupcakes and dessert table. salamat kaayo for everything (magpasalamat sab ko ni khonie for introducing us!) wishing you the best with your coming baby.. :D

    1. Bsta happy ko ky ako jd na ipanabi, Annelise. :)
      Thank you much pd.


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