Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My pizza-with-no-name at Pizza Republic

I've been to one republic after the other... from Ribpublic to Pizza Republic! whehehe!

Pizza Republic, I think, is the first ever to have a "make-your-own" pizza concept here in Cebu.

High chair
freedom wall
regular table/chair

Customers get to choose their sauce, cheese, toppings, etc.

They were on their soft opening from June 1 until the 9th.
Today is their grand opening.

Even on soft opening, people already flock this place.
One of the factors why the queue takes longer? People are having a hard time thinking what else to put into their pizza. :D

What's on Buyog's "Pizza-with-no-name" yesterday?

Olive oil - opening remarks. ^_^
red sauce

mozzarella cheese
Parmesan cheese

Coppa Ham
Pepper Salami

Funghi Famigliola
mushroom champignon
green bell pepper
red bell pepper
green olives
olive oil - as closing remarks. wheheheh!

Buyog's "Pizza-with-no-name"
I love my 10" pizza creation. Yum Yum!
Any pizza combination will cost you Php 245 which I find super worth it!
you'll be given a number for
your pizza
If you're too lazy to make your own pizza, check-out their menu.
You can just tell them you want Hawaiian, Calzone, etc.
They'll make one for you.
menu on the wall
Aside from pizza, they also have desserts available.

I promise I'll be back.
Will try on other mix next time. ^_^
The restaurant as seen from the road

Pizza Republic "Pick + Mix" by Giuseppe Genco
Salinas Drive, Lahug
Cebu City
(opposite Golden Cowrie)
0998 552 0667
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm


  1. Wow! All those toppings for just Php245. :) Pizza Republic is now on my list!

    1. Bren, you should definitely go there. ^_^

    2. Beatrice! I visited Pizza Republic twice already. #katkat na ko. :)

    3. bwhahahah! It only shows you likey much, Bren. :D


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