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TYPE: Stratovolcano
AGE OF ROCK: Between 635,000 ± 80,000 and 1.1 ±; 0.09 million years
LAST ERUPTION: 1993 (deaths reached to 847)

Located on the island of Luzon, near the tripoint of the Philippine provinces of Zambales, Tarlac, and Pampanga
** source: net

Our Nov 2011 climb was cancelled the day we flew to Manila.
According to our contact, the road was damaged because of the rain.
I just won't stop till I get to see this place.

Finally after my hot air balloon stint, we had a side trip to Mt Pinatubo. [Feb 12, 2012]
MAJESTIC VIEW - our reward
It is amazing to see after it's wrath in 1993, something good will come out of it.
Nature landscaped the place beautifully.
Even the turquoise, aquamarine-ish crater water is unexplainable.
One this is a bit scary though, its depth is still undetermined.
So don't swim too far.

I read quite a few blogs & most of them have a shoe/sandal casualty.
Our group wasn't exempted from this.
Atty J's trusty shoes did its sweet surrender in Pinatubo too. :p

We trekked a bit fast that time because the weather cooperated.
It was overcast and the chilly wind helped a lot.

You can also cross the crater lake for a fee (Php 400/boat) which we did.
We don't want to miss a thing. LOL!
The water temperature is normal but when you take a dip and submerge your feet in the sand,
you'll definitely jump. It is hot!
So wear slippers when swimming.


1. Take bus from Manila to Capas, Tarlac.
Stop at McDonald's at the Capas junction.

** don't know how much the bus fare is. Our starting point is Clark, Pampanga.

2. Trike  ride Capas --> Sta Julianna v.v.
Sta Julianna is where the Tourism office is. Starting point of 4x4 ride.
Php 800/trike 4-5 pax
Travel time: 45 mins
Contact: Kuya R - 09108332843

3. 4x4 ride Sta Julianna - Pinatubo jump-off point
Php 3,000 - 4x4 4-5 pax
Travel time: 1 hr

Php 500\4x4 - guide fee
Php 300\pax - conservation fee.
Php 200\pax - optional. Packed lunch. Better inform them in advance.
Contact: Kuya Windell Mercado - 09196084313
* He is the president of the 4x4 club. ^__^. Very humble. 

4. the trek starts.
Normally, 2-3 hours per way.
Go! Go! Go!


All our hardships paid off.
The view is indeed majestic.

You'll hear a lot of ooohhhs, ahhhsss, and "Thank You, Lord".

Believe me. I even want to go back.

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  1. Well. well. It looks like my imaginary superhero powers did not work that day. :) But I'm glad you finally made it to Pinatubo, because otherwise, it will continue to nag you for all eternity. (eternity gyud!!!)


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