Monday, March 05, 2012

10 Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

1. a frustrated green thumb
Plants won't grow well if I am the one who plants it. Flowering plants just refused to flower. :p

2. prefers sweet simple yet constant gestures over rare extravagant ones.
the hopeless romantic in me, I guess.

3. whenever I go home in the province, I sleep between my father and mother... even at this age.
I evict my younger siblings.

4. became selfish over lanzones or langsat.
Scientific name: Lansium domesticum
Don't care if my fingers will turn yellow/rusty because of its tar.
5. loves
.... the feel of sand on my feet
...... the sound of the crashing waves and horse's steps
........ the smell of newly-mowed lawn
...........the sight of babies sleeping and old couples holding hands
............ the taste of anything pasta and noodles

6. prefers reading the good old books over eBooks.
The scent of the pages is something for me!

7. Even after 5 years, I still regretted not staying for one more day.
I miss my Lola every single day.

8.  not a "naning" and studious student.
My teachers kept on punishing me when I was in grade school. :p
I procrastinate with assignments, projects, etc.

9. Most embarrassing moment:
Left my shoe in the middle of the school campus while chasing our school principal.

10. I lived a disciplined-princess life.
Even if we are not well-off, I am my parents' princess.
But when I commit mistakes, they punish & spank me. :p

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