Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BEE Day!

Started the celebration by watching Brian McKnight concert alone.
I am a huge fan.
He's indeed a good performer, entertainer, & singer.
Never thought he's a good comedian too.

The concert is all worth it though he didn't sing "Marry Your Daughter".

Saturday's a fun-filled day.
I even had an after-concert concert with Cebu's Michael McKnight. *wink*
I felt like a concert queen that day too.
Good thing it didn't rain. Haha!

On my actual birthday:
- my parents sent sms at exactly 12:01am.
 - baby bro kept on greeting me almost every hour. haha!

- lunch at A CAFE - Crossroads with M to return his Pula. He got me a gift too.
One year supply of coloring books. ^__^

- balloons are all over my cube when I returned to the office.
Thank you AE, CP, & KR!

- received a card thru DHL from PL.

- sumptuous dinner with friends at Joed's Lutong Hapon.
Very happy they gave us complimentary wine. yehey!

- got another supply of coloring book and Faber-Castell colored pencils. haha! Thank you K&K, A, C, J, & K!

- many remembered my birthday.
- baby bro gave me a customized keychain. He made it himself.

Never felt this grateful and loved though I have gone through a tough week before my birthday.
Thank you so so much, friends.
And I thank You more God for giving me such wonderful people and family.

As I am writing this, I received another birthday gift.
Got an approval today. Visa approved! ^___^
God knows how much I need this vacation to get away from "that" incident even for just a bit. I desperately need this break.

Thank you again, Lord. I am blessed.

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