Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bee Day turned Bee Week

Durhan Beach Resort

This is the longest Bee day celebration ever!
FUNtastic laag again.
Going out somewhere on our birthday weekend is fast becoming our tradition.

Though there were only the 3 of us who went, the weekend was packed with fun that I never regretted pushing through the trip.

Encountered an Ikasin-like snack sold during the bus ride. Never thought M shared the same childhood memory of having one. Not only did it looked the same, it did taste the same too. Too bad we enjoyed the food way too much that we forgot to get the seller's number for future cravings. lol

Dropped by local market for the shakshuka ingredients. M's going to cook his version. We went gaga over it after trying one during our Sagada trip.

Arrived at Durhan's Resort in Tabuelan finally!
Oh how I love the vast ocean.

The 3 photography junkies started clicking away.
It must have been Kuya R's day.
His takes are beautiful that I envy them & M's having tantrums with his. Haha! Just kidding.

We explored the place some more when evening came.
My epic failure with lightning photography and star trails.
It turned out M's moment. He got a decent photo with the lighting.
And he is grinning from ear to ear. Goodbye tantrums. Haha!

Our yummy dinner consisted of tinolang isda & grilled pork belly.
I can still imagine the succulent fish soup's taste.

Chilled under the tree while letting our tummy relax.
light paint experiment
 Experimented with light paint.
Twas one fun experience. I became a fairy and butterfly!

It's night swimming time.
Oh well for them. I only contented myself with playing with water.
As you know, I can't swim. nyahaha!
Then out of the blue, M turned me into a model.
Never thought modelling is such a difficult job till I tried it. lol!
we are sexy and we know it. lol!

The following day, M recreated Shakshuka.
And I tell you it really really tasted so so so good!
His version put mine to shame. Haha!
Breakfast is so good.
Did I tell you Kuya R and M gave one of the touching prayer before meals?
I truly appreciate the prayers they offered God for me.
Thank you, guys.
patiently waiting for the Chef
We explored farther and found our own cove.
Basked in the sun, created our MTV with me & Kuya R as the actors while M is the singer, director, and cameraman.
our piece of paradise
with our playmates. haha!
Chilled in the hammock before checking out.
And because of that, the bus left us.
Took a long habal2x ride to Lugo where the buses who ply to/from San Remegio, etc passes by.
Stood all the way to Mandaue city. Just enjoyed chatting and singing along the music in the bus.

this is the life!
Coconut nut is a giant nut. :p
Still not contented with our bonding time, we had dinner at ParkMall.
Plus we had "1 set" at Pier One.

Wow! It's been a great celebration.
My birthday is indeed a happy one in spite of what happened a week before that.
Thank you M & Kuya R for being with me.

A new life ahead is waiting for me.
Aja! Aja! Fighting!


  1. It was fun time for all Bee! Liking this blog a lot. :P

  2. I love that little vacay we had.
    My breath of fresh air.
    Salamat idol for liking. mobalos jd da. :p


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