Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunday 2pm Rendezvous

When someone asks you to meet him/her at Sunday 2pm, do clarify if it's a "when" or a "where".
Be mindful of the prepositions used: "on" or "at". ^_^

I can see your eyebrow rise. ahihihih.
It can also be a "where" because there's a bookshop-themed cafe here in Cebu with that name.

They have been around for quite sometime now (opened Nov. 2011) but only knew about it when Jankurdt suggested this place to me. 
Thank you, girl so so so much!

This cafe is easy to spot.
When facing Sarrosa Hotel, it's on the left corner of the building.
Photo by M
Another cute Korean-owned chillax place.
The place is just small about 6 tables.
view from the door
The cafe is full of post-it notes.
Plus, they can also take your Polaroid photos to be posted at the cafe, too.
Someone is happy. :D
our table ^_^

One can do quite a few things at the cafe aside from just having your coffee, pastries, & chitchat.
The cafe offers a lot of book choices for their customers.
Go read them if you like.
some of the books at the cafe
Play with their toys...

Or doodle something...

Like what M did.
He can draw pala decently. :D
Look how cute their menu is.
I used to do stuffs like this when I was a kid. :)
click to enlarge
There are more choices actually.
You can also have them as Take-away.

Their pride is in their yummy yet affordable drinks & pastries. 
Not to forget, efficient staff. They treated their customers warmly.
Hot caramel machiato - Php 100
Blueberry Frappcino - Php 160
We love their beverages as they're not too sweet for our taste.
One sip & we knew we'll be back for more. :D
So worth it for the price we paid.

Aside from coffee-based drinks, they also serve tea. ^_^

Wait till you get to taste this...
Chocolate Sin Cake - Php 120
Oh my! Oh my! It is indeed so so so sinful.
You can hardly taste anything with flour.
It melts in your mouth... & not in your hands ( hehehe! just kidding!).

Until now I haven't gotten over how yummy it is.
M & I didn't stop eating till we finished this piece off!
Sunday 2pm, watch-out. 
This girl will keep on coming back to your cafe. ahihihih!
Will surely taste everything. :D

Ambiance: Lovely place. Small but terrible. ^_^
Many. You won't be disappointed.
just right. Drinks 80-160, pastries - up to 120. If I remember it right.
Taste: Yuummmmmyyyyyyyyy. Need I say more? lol!
WIFI: Available.

Are you also wondering why it is named as such?
I think the owner must have an unforgettable memory of one Sunday at 2pm. :)

Sarrosa Hotel, Mabolo, Cebu City, PH
Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm
Sun: 2:00 pm - 11:00 pm
+63 32 520 5174


  1. Dugay na ko kakita pics ani na place pero wala gyud naka chance ug adto... the cake looks delicious.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Bee. The place looks like a kindergarten room. I want to go there but it's far from my place. Do they have a lot of food choices there? I will try this place soon.

    1. Right, Fred. Like a kindergarten room jd.
      Yeah more food choices.
      Tuyoa bisita soon. Drinks & food are lami.

  3. This is a happy place. :)

    And Congratulations too Bee! I think you have to update your URL now? ;)

    <a href=">Baktin Corporation</a>

    1. Salamat, Brennan!
      I will not change my URL even if am now married.
      Part ni sa pgka-ako ra. :)

  4. such a cute place to chill! =)
    thanks for posting this ms bee!

    1. No problemo, Mommy Ina!
      Cute places to chill are starting to sprout around Cebu. ^_^

  5. I like this place. I want to there tomorrow.

    1. Pay them a visit, Antonio.
      You won't be disappointed. ^_^


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