Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Cafe Noriter Love Affair

Coffee lovers got another playground here in Cebu.
It's Cafe Noriter!

Actually, the word Noriter means "playground" in Korea.

I've been to this place a couple of times already.
Never fails to make me feel "kilig". ^_^

The place is so pretty we took photos in almost every corner.
How can one resist such a cute place? ^_^

Thank you mi amigo M for introducing me to this place.

Let me tour you around...
Cafe Noriter is located at OneAcacia Place (Acacia St, Cebu City) 
It is a 5min walk from Ayala Mall.
Beside Richmond Hotel & right in front of Hotel Elizabeth.

Before this place becomes a cafe, it was once a bar.
My officemates & I used to hang-out before.

at the 2nd floor where the cafe is located

Welcome to Cafe Noriter!
Before anything else, go change your footwear first.

One look & I knew this is owned by a Korean.
Why? Because Koreans love anything cute. 
In South Korea, they do have a lot of themed cafes like Hello Kitty cafe, Dog&Cat cafe, etc.
1st floor view
1st floor view
They do have WIFI internet connection.

Feel free to post some stickies inside the cafe.
It is fun reading those, I tell you. ^_^

The 2nd floor

1st floor's view from top.

Moi with the most photographed Teddy at the cafe.

Go find your nook.
One of our hide-outs. ^_^
Check out their menu.
I find the choices limited though.
Hopefully they could add more pastries, drinks, & possibly meals or finger foods.
More reasons for people to flock the place. 

According to the lady we talked with, the cafe is still on soft opening.
Maybe that's the reason why.
click to enlarge
With a nice place like this, people will surely want to stay longer.
Don't be surprised it they'll ask you to order again.
There's a note posted at the counter:
Advised to order again
Weekdays - 3hrs
Weekends - 2hrs 

L: Java chip @ Php 180
R: Green tea @ Php 180
Ambiance: Congratulations! Cafe Noriter aced it. No question to that.
Choices: Limited edition. Heheh! Hope they'll add more soon.
Price: a bit expensive for me. Seems at par with Starbucks' price for their venti-sized beverages.
Taste: The cream overpowers the green tea.

Update: 10/10/13 Store hours: 9:00am-2am


  1. Mahal pud...180 for a drink...but I'm sure people will flock to this place...
    I looked at the menu, puro ra drinks???

    1. mao lagi. Drinks ra. Mau unta they'll add pastries ba ron pares sa kape. ^_^

    2. cool. didn't know we have this here in cebu. might check it out one of these days.

      this reminds me of another korean cafe here in cebu. sunday 2pm. ever heard of it? i don't know if it's still open though but if it is, you might wanna check it out. here's what it looks like: http://thepausesbetween.com/2012/09/01/happy-messy-vibes/

      p.s. i love your blog, by the way. scrolled all the way down to your tabuelan post. your posts are light and interesting. your thoughts are amusing. good job! hope to read more from you soon. =)

    3. Jankurdt, you just lighten up my mood today. Thank you so much for the kind words. Wow! You reached till the Tabuelan post. ^_^

      Do visit Noriter when you get the chance to be somewhere near Ayala. You will like it there jud. And it's my turn for the I-didn't-know-we-have another Korean cafe here in Cebu. Oh my! I will definitely research if they're still open. Thank you for the info ha. :)

  2. I've been to this place just last weekend. They do have pastries man, di ba? but not that much...the place is so nice. By the way, I am already following you. I like your posts.


    1. Thank you Fred for the visit & for following. Hehehe! mura ko ug korek da. ^_^

      As for the pastries the first time we went there, super limited. The time when those photos above where taken, there were none pa. Maybe we were there too early. Hehehe.
      Hope they'll offer more. That's a good move jud.
      A coffee/tea needs ka-pares.

  3. I agree. dapat naa gyud unta silay pastries para dili ra puro beverages atong paliton didto. =)

    The Exaggerated Zeal

    1. Check! Munch2x while chikka2x.
      More reasons to stay, more gastos pud. ^_^


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