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Bond girl in James Bond Island

with my James Bond ^__^
James Bond Island's name is actually Khao Phing Kan.
In 1974, this island in Thailand was featured in a James Bond movie "The Man with the Golden Gun" thus, adapting the name. 

James Bond : The Man with the Golden Gun
source: net
Khao Phing Kan is paired with the mushroom-like islet - KO TAPU.
Ko Tapu
They are part of Ao Phang Nga Marine National Park.

Tourist boats are forbidden to approach Ko Tapu directly. 
This is to protect the islet from collapsing caused by the erosion of limestone rocks & the islet near it.
Long boat for the tour
It is also included in the tour.
Refreshments are available at the big boat for free.
mother ship ^__^
It's time to explore!
Sights along the way...

 Up close, it looks like this...

Tour classmates
Photo ops to immortalize the moment.
 The photographer/videographer is on the other kayak. :D
Thirsty? No problem.
Floating store to the rescue!
Floating refreshment store
You'll get to visit the mangrove park.
Before reaching it though, believe it or not, you'll pass through this little opening...

I won't believe it at first when our guide told us. But yeah!
We need to lie down though.
We made it!
When you're done, you need to have lunch in..

is a fishing village in Phang Nga Province, Thailand notable for being built on stilts by Indonesian fishermen. The population consists of 360 families or 1,685 people descended from 2 seafaring Muslim families from Java. SOURCE: wikipedia

Nearing the island, our long boat broke down. hahaha!
Another long boat had to drag us.

Lunch is ready!

After lunch, we have to go back to the mainland for the temple.
A new long boat fetched us.

WAT SUWANKUHA (the Monkey Cave Temple)
is inside a limestone mountain, the Suwan Kuha. This is a part of a complex of caves including Tam Yai, Tam Jaeng, Tam Meud, and the Tam Kaew caves. 
The entrance is at the Tam Yai, the largest cave at 20 x 40 metres. The entire length of the Tam has Lai Kram and Benjarong tiles, and a number of Buddha images. The principal Buddha image is a 15-metre-long Reclining Buddha. SOURCE:
Photo credit: Paul
Always observe proper attire when entering a temple.
Bare shoulders is a big no no. Cover it with a sarong.
Respect is a must.

Last stop of the tour is...

Some sights at the park:
Photo credit: Paul

People who know me are aware I am not into group tours.
I want to explore at my own pace.
But when you're alone or just 2 pax, it will be too expensive to go exclusively.
If I were to choose, I'd rather stay longer in James Bond island & soak in the sun.

James Bond tour costs Baht 1,900/pax.
This includes hotel transfers, lunch, English-speaking guide, insurance, boat, & life jacket.

This place is accessible via Krabi or Phuket.  

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  1. The Monkey Cave Temple looks very interesting. But yeah, the package is too expensive. :(

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  2. You can actually haggle lalo na if marami kayo.

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