Thursday, September 06, 2012

Seoul cured my Soul

rosie quino
 Left Philippines with
... a confused soul
... a shattered heart, &
... a revengeful mind.

 A month of fighting that personal battle drained me.
It was eating me whole slowly.
Gradually transforming me.
Feels like I am close to becoming a monster.

I am naturally crazy.
How much more if I'll become a beast?
Can you imagine a way too crazy monster? Hahaha!

I can laugh about it now.
I am over it.
Not completely healed yet.
But I am getting there.

Seoul gave me the time, space, & diversion I badly need.
Her beauty & rich culture made me realize there's more beauty in this world.
Amidst her modern infrastructures, lies her well-preserved glorious past.
Her hospitable & warm people made me realize there's more goodness in this world.

For the love of myself, I decided to bounce back.
I will never let that "other woman" get the best of me.
Never will I ever stoop down to her level.
I fought in a classy & educated way as much as I could.
I won't allow her to put to waste what my parents sacrificed to raise me well.
She is just a spec of dust in this universe.

Seoul, you are my therapy.
You played a great role in my life.
For that, you earned a special chamber in my ventricle.
Thank you!

Returned home with
... a clearer mind even if I don't know what the future brings.
... a greater appreciation of life, family, & friends
... and most importantly, a deeper love for myself.

Will blog on the travel soon. 


  1. Travels do have that kind of effect. Start your Top Blogs widget bee.

  2. Travelers relate to the feeling. Start your Top Blogs widget bee.

  3. Aye aye, Captain!
    Thanks for the visit, Mike.

    Oh by the way, I got your sms.

  4. the 2 things that pierce the heart thingy. ^__^


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