Friday, September 07, 2012

2nd Cebu City Korea Day 2012

Photo credit: Cebu Korean Association Inc. (Cebu Hanin Hue Inc.) fb

This is so timely.
I've been missing Korea since my travel last April.


Oct 3-7
Korean Movie Festival  
(SM Cinema)

Oct 5
K-POP Star
(SM City Cebu Parking Area)

Oct 5-7
Food Festival
(SM City Cebu Parking Area)

Oct 6
Korean Traditional performances
Taekwondo (Korean martial arts) performances
Cebu K-POP 2012 Winners presentation
Manila K-POP 2011 Winners Presentation

(6pm SM City Cebu Parking Area)

Oct 7 
(SM City Cebu Parking Area)

I miss
... the food. So far all that I have eaten are all yummy!
... the succulent strawberries & grapes
... their train
... passing by coffee shops every 5 minutes
... the cold weather,
... the fashionable & warm Korean people,
... their love-themed stuffs & places
... artsy places like Insandong
... shopping in Myeongdong
....... and I could go on enumerating until tomorrow. hahaha.

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