Friday, August 03, 2012

Pampered in Dipolog City

Dipolog City
* the capital of Zamboanga del Norte province located in Mindanao.
* also called as "The Orchid City of the Philippines".
* booming bottled sardine industry

A dear friend's wedding brought me and my college friends to Dipolog City 3 months ago.

Coincidentally, it was their Pagsalabuk Festival when we arrived.

Dipolog is a small city but what I love there the most are the people and how clean the city is.
My fave place? Their boulevard.
The water doesn't stink and the sunset is a beauty to behold.

People just don't throw their garbage anywhere. 
Food vendors have specific place to sell.
Love their balut area.. short table with umbrella & small chairs.
I think I had 2 while some of my friends had more than mine.


If you are a Madagascar or Plants vs Zombies fan, you must visit their Provincial Capitol.
I had loads of fun.

Thank you to our gracious hosts - Mr & Mrs G (G's family), Mr & Mrs V (L's family), and Mr & Mrs B (L's in-laws).
They fattened us up that we felt like pigs ready to be roasted. hahaha!
Our hosts didn't gave our tummy and brains time to say they're hungry.

And oh, by the way, did I say I drowned myself with crabs and prawns? Lucky me!

If you need some TLC, go get some Tender Loving Chicken. :p

I was also supposed to meet dear friend S who now lives in the city.
Too bad we're both busy that weekend.
Oh well, there's a reason for me to go back. :)

My visit won't be complete if I won't hoard on bottled sardines. :D
I really won't leave Dipolog without it.

L's wedding is a beautiful one.
Mind you, the over-all coordinator is her dad, Engr. V. :)
Daddy's girl indeed!

Congratulations to the new Mr & Mrs. B!


  1. keep going bee.. liking the pictures a lot.

  2. thanks, Mike.
    Oh is it a blue moon tonight? :p


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