Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Frozen delight in Mt. Pulag

MARCH 2012
The unending walk...
     The freezing temperature...
          Awarded us with this view.
Another item in my bucket list crossed.
     Another push pin entry on my PH map.
          Yay it feels so good! :)

Reaching Mt. Pulag, you can choose from it's 4 trails:
1. Ambangeg trail - the easiest they say
2. Akiki trail - the killer trail
3. Tawangan trail - the leech-infested trail
(all 3 are in Benguet)
4. Ambaguio trail - the longest trail (from Nueva Vizcaya)
1 & 4 -souvenirs left by the climbers; 2-visitor's center; 3-me!

We took the easiest - Ambangeg trail since I am just an occasional mountain climber.
But mind you, don't be fooled with the word "easiest".
It is the easiest relative to the longest 6-day trail of Ambaguio or the Akiki trail which is considered as the killer trail. :p

1-5 views & stuffs you see along the way
Like in Mt. Pinatubo, my Mt Pulag adventure was blessed with a cloudy day with an occasional wink from Mr Sun.
Though most of the trail you'll be under the shade of the trees, having a hot weather will tire you more easily.

How did this laagholic get to Mt Pulag?
  • 1 hr plane ride Cebu - Manila
  • 5 hrs bus ride Manila -> Baguio Php 460
  • 3 hrs jeepney ride Baguio -> Mt Pulag Visitor's Center (registration & orientation) -> Ranger's Station in Babadak (jump off point for Ambangeg trail) Php 8,000/jeep (2-way for 8-10 pax)
Ranger station. Photo credits: Khonie
               * Park registration - php 200
               * guide - php 500 (4-8 pax)
               * porter - php 500 (2-way), if needed
  • 1.5 hr walk Ranger station - Camp site 1
  • 1.25 hr walk Camp site 1 - Camp site 2
  • 1-6 campsite 2
  • 1 hr dawn walk Camp site 2 - summit ♥
With all the walks I did in this adventure, I must have used up 25% of my fats. nyahaha!

It was all worth it though.
Mt Pulag summit from afar
that one lonely tree
up close & personal with the lonely tree
me & the tree :)
me at the top of the..hmm... hill :)
Khonie & I
me with Pinkydo the shoes, Pula the bag, tripod, & my trusty camera

Bring headlamp (a must for the sunrise summit trek), tent, thick jackets, bonnets, cookset, burner, & food.
Wear comfortable footwear preferably trekking shoes/sandals.
Temperatures can drop as low as 5 degrees C so better bundle up.
Waterproof your stuffs as the weather in Mt Pulag is unpredictable.
When you're in Camp 2, water is not a problem. There's a little spring nearby where you can get one.
Climb on weekdays to getaway from the maddening crowd on weekends. Campsites became so crowded & noisy.
Bring your garbage to the Ranger station. Never leave them in the Campsites.

Let's help preserve our natural resources so our future generations can still get to see them and experience what we had experienced.

                                                        Ambuklao Dam can be seen along the way to the ranger station.


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