Monday, January 30, 2012


After almost a year in hiatus, writing about Tuki (Cebuano term for Whaleshark; Butanding in Filipino) is the best comeback blog for me. Haha!

Going to Donsol, Sorsogon to see these gentle giants is in my bucket list.

It changed when a college batchmate posted photos of whalesharks in their hometown Limasawa, Leyte June 2010. 
Because I was really busy with work that year, I just let it slip to my optional bucket list.

The Tuki hype in Oslob, Cebu started late last year. 
I feel so lucky I waited. I need not cross oceans to see them. 
News spread like wildfire; people flock the place in no time. 
Good thing the tuki didn't left 'cause it took me just this month to pay them a visit. ^__^

I felt happy and sad when I met them. 
Happy because at long last I get to see them for real.
Sad because I feel they were violated. 
Even when there's orientation, people take the Law and rules as just mere recommendations. They still touch them. 

According to experts, touching them causes stress and this might cause them their death (heaven forbid). 

I hope people will not think of just today. 
I hope they will help in protecting them by following what is required. 
We are so blessed they showed up. 
The best we can do for these creatures is to help protect them even in our own little way so our future children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren can still see them. 

- Take Bato-Oslob bound bus in South Bus Terminal in the City. Fare 145 
**Just tell the person who issues tickets in the bus to drop you off at the butanding site.It's easy to spot 'cause its just along the road. 

- Pay 300 for the butanding watch ticket. Inclusive of the boat. 
**Life vest is required, additional 20. If you need snorkel gears, additional charge still. 

Be sure to be in the site on or before 7am. There a lot of people who visits the place specially on weekends. Viewing is until 1pm only.


  1. great job Bee.. tsk tsk.. i decide today.. i will follow :P

  2. Hahaha! What made you decide to follow? just kidding! Thanks, Mike!


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