Thursday, March 31, 2011

BATANES Birthday for me!

What can be more fulfilling than celebrating my birthday in my dream destination - BATANES!

I have long lost the excitement of celebrating my birthday since I turned 21.
Though people around me never fails to do special things for me.

But that excitement came back this year.
So I am spoiling myself rotten as a reward for getting this far. ^_^


Excerpt from my FB speech (whaha):

I have so many, many things to thank God for:
For this simple yet meaningful life...
For my family - Your greatest gift...
For my friends - near or far...
For the triumphs and trials that molded me to what I am now...

For this beautiful trip:
- it's been cloudy most of the days we were there but on my birthday the sun was shining so bright.
- Manila - Basco flight was not cancelled.. days before that there were flights cancelled.
- Basco - Manila flight left on time.. days before that there were flights cancelled too.
- encountered little delays on our other flights.
- all the Ivatan people. Wow! They are so hospitable and courteous. You can't think of doing bad deeds there. lol
- lovebirds K&K for being with me on that special trip.

For all the love..

Thank you so much, God!

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