Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hundred Islands National Park

I only get to see this place before in my Civics grade school textbooks.
Either one of the Magagandang Tanawin sa Pilipinas or an example of land forms.
Arrived from Manila a little too early. We're all but sleepy.
Bought food at their market before heading to Brgy Lucap.

Their Tourism office standardized the rates.
The tariff for the motorboats, (day trip, overnight, & service), tables, huts, etc are all indicated there.

Tourists are well-informed what they paid for and the do's and dont's of the national park.
Rented a boat at 1,600 for our group.
We got the service boat as we want to be in control of our time.
The attendant at the Tourism office said the boat leaves at 5:30-6:00am.
While waiting, my office friends and I had our coffee at the nearby sari-sari store.

We cruised as the sun goes up. 'Twas a beautiful day.
Our sleepiness started to fade as the sunrise gets so beautiful by the minute.

Only 3 islands are developed for tourists - Governor's Island, Children's Island, & Quezon Island.

Camping is allowed though. We saw some who pitched their tents there.
You can have a boat drop you off to the island of your choice and will just come back for you the following day.

The signature view of Hundred Islands can be viewed at Governor's Island after climbing a can't-remember-number-of-steps. :).
This is also where PBB (Pinoy Big Brother) House is located.
The one used during the Kim-Gerald teen edition.
1-giant clams | 2 & 3-Marcos island | 3-Gov's island | 5-Cathedral island

Cooked our lunch at Quezon island.
Took a dip at Marcos Island  & Children's Island.
We were also able to go to their giant clams site.
Snorkeling is allowed.
Even if I have my lifevest on, it's still quite tiring.
The current is strong.

Since there's nothing much to do anymore, we decided to head back to the mainland at 4pm.

One visit to this place is enough for me though.

Wag maging dayuhan sa sariling bayan! ♥

How to get there:
Php 250-350 - bus from Manila to Alaminos center
Php 70-80 - trike from Alaminos to Brgy Lucap (tourism office)
Php 1,600 - service boat

**photos imported from my multiply account.
Published on May 4, 2009 12:58pm
Rates as of 2009.


  1. very nice. love the colors and mode of the sunrise.

  2. nice set bee ;) mura mn pang-postcard, hehe :)

  3. ok ra bee coz we got to catch the sunrise :)

  4. hahaha i-forgot-the-name island hahaha


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