Monday, December 08, 2008

It's FLYDay

November 28, 2008

Sorry I wasn't able to post lately. I've been a little busy.

Anyway, me and my officemates where able to attend the Guitar Fest in The Outpost. Lots of people. The place is packed. Before that, we had dinner at Bigby's - The Terraces. Most of the restaurants are full that's why we end up there. Naomi was serenaded by the staff. It's her birthday (Brendon's idea). hehehe! While waiting for Naomi, we had cocktails in Gerry's Grill. Then Outpost were we met more of our office friends. We had enough of the guitart thingy and booze. Went to Sunflower City for a dance. hehe! had a blast! Went home 4am. :p

Naomi, Aimee, and Brendon Me and Lenny

Birthday cake Outpost with Aljohn, Alex, Jurdan, and Vladi

Naomi Moi and my cosmopolitan

having fun

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