Monday, December 08, 2008

ALCOY 2008

Tingko Beach, Alcoy

November 29-30

After going home at 4:00am (nightout), I hurriedly packed my things. Left 4:30am for Alcoy with Vinz, En, and Shynne.

We didnt bring any utensils.. just money and clothes. haha! Amazing-race-like outing. but we made it through. we survived. hehe!

Time there flies so slow. We had the rest we craved and needed. Though there were only 4 of us but we still had fun. Vinz is the king of "kabalastogan". hehe! No dull moments.

Vinz, Shynne, Me, and En

the sand sunset

Sunrise our hut

Cast away Jammin

early morning walk weeds

waiting for the bus whehehe


  1. See your photos, beautiful landscapes, the company is very beautiful, unfortunately here in Italy it's very cold and snow came very, lucky you.

    Hello, Marlow


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