Thursday, December 11, 2008

MMTI bonding

December 10, 2008
TGI Friday's - The Terraces

Last night I had dinner with my Makoto friends. I miss them much. My first time seeing Myla preggers. Congrats, My. Pwera-buyag you only look preggers because of your tummy but the face and body, mkailad jud... Ina Raymundo-type diay ka. hehe!

Thank you for the time. It's an impromptu dinner.

To An-An, Mare Lams, and Angie, hope to see you soon. It would have been more fun if you were able to make it.
Merry Christmas everybody!


  1. All beautiful girls compliments, the sun and the light makes you even more beautiful.

    Hello, a hug, Marlow

  2. Wow! Thank you for the compliment, Marlow. That's so sweet of you. Merry Christmas!

    Kisses for you, Bee


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