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The word "Borussia" may sound like "She's pregnant" in Bisaya. hehehe
But it is actually a German restaurant located in Brgy. Bawo, Sogod, Cebu.

According to them, Borussia is the goddess of fortune.

Borussia makes their own bread.
L-Baguette  R- Knusper (@Php 30/pc)
Price per piece ranges from Php 15 - 200.
We tried their knusper. The grains and seeds in it made us curious.

My friends & I had a northern Cebu road trip that day.
Arrived in Borussia in time for dinner.

It's like we're having a sausage party. Our group had:
@ Php 170
@ Php 240
Mediterranean sausage comes with sauerkraut (fermented cabbage) & mashed potato.

Sausage meals have rice, fries, or mashed potato.
I like sauerkraut! 
New discovery.Yumm yummm! Similar to our atchara. 

@Php 210
Currywurst is a sausage with curry.
This sausage had a landslide victory! The men specially likes this.
Their sausages are quite big so we get to share them. ^_^
@Php 210
Frikadelle is Germany's version of meatball. A flattened one that is like a patty.

@Php 70 each
Soup comes with bread.
The squash soup is nice. The tomato soup is just so-so for me.

Drinks' price ranges from Php 35-100+.

They also sell other goodies like those:
other goodies for sale
You may want to dine at the lanai like us. We love the cool night breeze.

Or you may prefer inside

While waiting for the food, go abuse their WIFI internet connection. :D
Look at them! ^_^

Plus points for Borussia:

- Waitress is very knowledgeable with their menu.
As you all know German
language is quite tricky to pronounce right.
She taught us how to pronounce the names correctly. Plus gave more info on the food listed.

- Price is a bit expensive for me. Just tolerable since am not having it on a daily basis. Hehehe!

- The couple Jürgen and Chuchi Männchen owns this place.
Jürgen is actually the one preparing the food.
Chuchi made sure we are comfortable. Very warm people.

- Nice & quite place. Good for relaxing.
Lots of trees & plants around. 

- Borussia do have a bi-weekly delivery schedule to Cebu City & Lapulapu City right to your doorstep.
Yes! You read it right. It could be bread, etc.

One more thing, they require NO minimum order.
How cool is that!

Their patrons do travel from the city to Sogod just to eat there.
This includes a lot of prominent families of Cebu.

Interested? Go contact & visit them.
(Check out the 1st photo)

If like us, you came all the way from Cebu City, it's in Brgy. Bawo (first barangay ) of Sogod (northern town of Cebu).
Watch out for their signage at the right side of the national road.
When you saw that, do turn right.

When taking bus at the North Bus Terminal, a San Remegio, Maya, or Hagnaya bound bus  pass by this town.

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