Monday, July 15, 2013

SOUTH KOREA as I see it

Welcome to Korea!
For me, Seoul is like Asia's Paris.
People there are fashionable. I love the sight of it be it in trains, buses.. just anywhere.
I find it romantic too. Aside from seeing lovey dovey couples, you'll literally see hearts almost everywhere.

Even garbage bin rim is heart-shaped.
I could also associate some places to the romantic Korean tv series I watched since I am a fan. ^_^

Landline and mobile call charges are the same.
You can rent phones at the airport.

Your phone's roaming service will work if your phone is capable of 3G.

Clean streets

We rarely see pregnant women.

Koreans are conscious with their health. 
I think I only saw less than 5 heavy people in our entire trip. 
Restaurants have calorie information on their menu/posters.

They do have a  lot of beauty shops around.

Coffee shops are everywhere.
Looks like every 5 or 10minute-walk, you'll find one.
Their cold weather might be one factor for this.

The first time I tried this device.
Your order's number. It will vibrate and light up when your order is ready.
at Cafe Nescafe
 Vending machines are very visible, too.
something green for me!

You can still eat ice cream even if the temperature dropped.
It's cold outside but when you enter ice cream shops, it is warm.

Mode of transportation is not a problem.
Tourist friendly.
My favorite of all is their train. All you gotta do is tap that T-money card. ^_^
Their trains do have Wifi.
Actually wifi is almost everywhere. ^_^

Hope they will have English translation on their bus lcd display. The locals are very helpful though.
We survived our bus ride in the countryside with their help.

Waiting shed

 Their train station looks like an airport.. :)
Seoul train station

Photo by Khonie
Incheon Internation Airport

Haven't eaten Korean food that I don't like yet.
It is impossible not to gain weight when you're in South Korea.

Bakeshops galore.

I love their food specially those in the streets.
Even those at the convenience stores.
breakfast ^_^
A lot of strawberries being sold.
I am in heaven!

And is usually placed in their famous black bag.

Koreans are as hospitable & warm as we, Filipinos.
There was this time while waiting for the bus, it rained.
The locals hurriedly shared us their umbrella.
I am so so so touched.
Photo by Khonie

Their colorful past is well-infused in their modern city.
Their palaces and historic places are well-preserved even if they're already so modern.
old palace at the heart of the city
My eyes feasts on a lot of artsy and cutesy stuffs.

mascots we often see on tv
Even road signs

We passed by a street where there's a repair.
They have this mannequin man the street. 
It arms are moving signalling drivers not to be on this side. :)
Photo by Khonie
Ohh I can go on forever. hahaha!
Enough of this introduction. :) 
Will post next time on the places we visited.


  1. Oh Seoul, so beautiful!

  2. Great post! Reading this makes me also want to visit South Korea someday. :)

  3. Thank you, Jo-Ann!
    South Korea is worth the visit. ^_^


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