Thursday, April 04, 2013

YUGO: the Yakiniku, not the Frozen Yogurt

There are quite a lot of establishments here with the same name.
Yogo & Yogu are frozen yogurt parlors.
While this Yugo is the Yakiniku place.

Yakiniku is a Japanese word which means "grilled meat". 

Restaurant's facade
The place is quite spacious.
Small groups
for 4 pax
& big groups are all welcome. :)
for 8 pax
Meat, pork, chicken, & seafoods for grilling. 
More choices on the other side.
Ready-to-grill station
You can ask them grill it for you or you'll do it yourself.
My teammates are so serious with their grilling. :)

We believe the exhaust is on the side of the grill.
the grill
my turn to grill
YUGO not only offers yakiniku, they also do have Korean, Chinese, & Japanese food.

Chinese station with different kinds of siomai,dimsum, etc.
Japanese station is at the far end.

 This is the only photo I have from the appetizer station. tsktsk
 I like the way they stack the plates. :)
I got no photo from the Dessert station. Boo!
They do have fresh fruits, pastries, gulaman to name a few.

None for the Japanese station too where the sushi/maki, tempura,etc can be found.
You know me. I get starry-eyed when I see Japanese food. :D 
my round #1 plate ^__^
Super worth it for the price we paid.
A lot of choices.. and I like the food.

Hmmm actually we didn't get to pay anything. 
It's a team lunch-out treat from our manager on my birthday. LOL!

YUGO Yakiniku Smokeless Grill
G/F Crown 7 Bldg. Brgy. Kasambagan Mabolo, Cebu City
(Beside The Gallery)

(032) 266 6208
Monday - Sunday
11:30 am - 2:30 pm
5:30 pm - 10:30 pm


  1. Ari mi ugma...nice timing imo post bee-san...

  2. hehehe! Psych, please ako first hungit. :D Enjoy!

  3. Smokeless grill kuno pero grabe kaayo mu aso. Wa may lami diha oy.

    1. Heehhe! basin full ang restaurant mao na pwerting asoha.
      wa man tos amoa. higop ang aso sa kilid side sa grill.
      When man mo ni-visit? nkauyon man mi tanan adto. ^_^

    2. mo aso man jud na labi na naay ma paig ug luto. Normal rana ang aso basta naay luto-on. Ang maka bati is if kulang or walay lami ang food.


    3. Update:
      I dunno if tranfer or closed ba but wa na zila ddto ila location before.

    4. Update:
      I dunno if tranfer or closed ba but wa na zila ddto ila location before.


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