Wednesday, February 01, 2012


I called it "a paradise tucked away in southern Cebu".
My new refuge. I am at peace. I feel nothing but happiness..
.. and oh by the way, regrets.
I regret I didn't brought my camera. :p

Been curious of this place since I get to pass by here everytime I go back home.

After our Butanding stint in Oslob, out of the blue Mike suggested an overnight sidetrip in Boljoon.
Everyone agreed even if we are not truly prepared (only 1 extra shirt, no mobile chargers, no enough money, etc).

The place is too beautiful not to have a photo of it.
Kept on borrowing Mike's and Rhandy's. Thank you, guys!

Time ticks slow here & we love it!

  • Enjoyed playing the longest volleyball game I ever played.. my hands got bruises. :p
  • native game Sungka.
  • dipped in the ocean and played with the waves.
  • next, the pool where I learned how to do bobbing. Thanks Mike ^__^
  • jacuzzi chikka
  • had dinner in the dark in our fave place with the ocean splashing our food with water. 
  • midnight movie watch  
  • up early for the sunrise
  • had breakfast in our fave place.. again! Had their yummy Boljoon Chorizo.
  • hammock chill
  • chikka at the Japanese open cabana while having our Banana-Mango shake :p
  • explored the nearby century-old Boljoon church
Thank you my spontaneous and up-for-more-fun friends - Mike, Melvin, & Rhandy.

It won't be as fun, lively, & worthwhile without you.

I will surely be back.
I'll have my camera next time. lol!

Club FortMed
Boljoon, Cebu, Philippines
Tel #: (6332) 482 - 9050 / (6332) 482 - 9051


  1. I always love it when it's unplanned. hehehe. zero expectations, and 100% fun! thank you sa lingaw! :)

  2. thank you to all of us - fun people! :p
    Me too likes it, Kuya.
    Spontaneity rocks!


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