Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bee's Art of Living Alone

In Filipino culture, living alone is quite not normal.
We have close family ties that even when children reaches 18 or when married, they still live with their parents, aunts, uncles, etc.

I am living alone not because I don't love my parents.
I do love them so much but it is here that I'd be able to grow professionally.
I have also this curiosity when I was a kid - of women in movies living independently.
Want to experience what it feels like.

I've been living on my own since college but I was surrounded with housemates.
Now no more housemates, only neighbors.
Tasted the former during my trip in Banaue
& the latter from Sagada. ♥
I don't go to their house just to have a chit-chat.

How do I live you may ask?

Got plenty of "ME" time at my hands.

Cook & experiment with it.
I am no master chef but I just like to recreate dishes that I tasted during my travels and food trips.
Brings back memories.
Learning how to bake... and i love it!
My siblings and office friends are my guinea pigs. whahah!

Occupied myself with my love for photography.
Take photos of just about anything.

Planning that next travel.
Or reading about the places I want to visit.

Tutor kids.
Additional income + + Kids make me sane.

Cry over sappy movies without anyone teasing me.
Such a crybaby when I watch those movies. :p

Exercised my creativity.
At this age, I still love colored pencils and coloring books.haha!

"Emote" reading.
I coined that term for myself. LOL!
I light scented candle or incense sticks and play bossa nova/mellow music while reading!

My baking experiment. ♥

Go to work without eating breakfast.
When I was a kid, my mom won't let me go out of the house unless I eat breakfast.
I regretted this though. Don't do what I did.

IN and OUT of the house anytime I want.
Though I still ask permission from my parents for my travels, those little nightouts, etc is what I mean.

Blast my music without waking anyone at home.
Listening to music keeps me sane.. at times. :p

Messing up the house without pissing anyone off.
I so love my lazy days. LOL!

Exercised my being responsible +  sharpens memory.
Have to take note of the due dates of the bills.. which I sometimes forgot. lol!
Bills like water, electricity, month dues, amortization, etc

Do grocery shopping.
I just love that feeling whenever I do it after work.
Like those independent women in the movies. nyahahaha!

I am no big long-time-plannner but I wanted to have my own house before I turn 30.
Here I am living that dream.
I am living independently. Standing on my own feet.
Gave this as a birthday gift to one of my super friends - Chu.
Since he loves mushroom so much, I used 3 kinds.
This includes Enokitake (long stems and tiny, snow-white caps)

I like it but loneliness sometimes kicks me in the butt.

Getting a pet dog might be a good idea.

What do you think? ♥


  1. Bee All right, I hope for you, good at breakfast, it is important, you're a good cook is also important to this particular!

    Hello beautiful

  2. Hello Marlow!

    Yeah. I a making sure I munch on something for breakfast. In the first place, it is the most important meal for the day. I need to practice healthy living.

  3. bleeeeee... Mike! hahahah.
    Thanks for following, by the way. :p


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