Friday, November 21, 2008

Tabuelan weekend

November 15-16, 2008

Celebrated our supah happy day.
Received our 13th month pay, etc yesterday.
So what else is left to do? go out of town!

Left home at 3:30am to North Bus Terminal.
Waited for what seemed to be centuries.. whehe.
Mini bus left 5:00am. wah! It's a bit slow compared to Ceres bus. :p
Fare 90.00.
Arrived Tabuelan after 3 hours.
The guys bought stuffs and food for our overnight stay while Ayin and I watched over our things.
Contributed Php 300.00 each for the food.
Chuwie and Cow gave more as their treat for us. whooottt!
Rode trike to Durham Beach Resort.15-20 mins charged us Php 150.00 .
There are also motorcycles or "habal-habal" available but we opt for the trike since we brought speakers, guitar, and lotsa food.
We rented a big house with 3 rooms (one of which is the whole 2nd floor) with T&B each at Php 2,500.00. This includes the use of refrigerator and other utensils.
Charged additional Php 100.00 if lpg stove will be used.
It's one of our requirements since our guys loved to cook.
Yep! They cook yummy-licious. hehe! The kitchen is theirs. :p
We also have a payag overlooking the sea. We hang out there most of the time.
It is a comfy place...a relaxing one.
I loved the sunset there.
Took lots of photos. We just couldn't get enough of the beautiful sunset.
Night swimming that night (of course. hehe!) booze and lots of chikkas were told.
No dull moments. I was with a bunch of kewl pipz. .
One of the best pack I've been with.

The following day I strolled the beach with Shynne.
Took photos while others were still sleeping.
Went to nearby Tuburan terminal.
There we rode van (Php 140.00 each) to Cebu City.
We took a different route in going home.
Took the Transcentral Hiway route.
woah! The view up in the mountains is breathtaking.
hhmm.. I wanna go back and just take photos there.
Had half-pound Flame It burger for dinner in Ayala Mall before heading home.
Thank you, guys.
Another weekend well spent! mwah!

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